Great things about being second

by guest writer Baby Sister Megan

When you're the first baby in a family people watch very carefully what you're doing at all times because:

1) you're new territory for them
2) they can.

When you're second in the family you get away with a little more because:

1) although you are uniquely you, you're a bit of old hat too. Its great when you roll-over but if you don't do it the day you hit 4-months a relative isn't about to call the ER.
2) they can't keep an eyeball on you 24/7 when your big brother is attempting to find out exactly how much water he can displace from the dog's water bowl with an array of balls and previously abandoned Little People.

For me this means that today, just a mere four and a half months old, I got to taste my very first "America Pop"! At least that's what Logan calls it. Mommy said it was an ice pop that happened to be colored red, white and blue. I just call it yum, yum, good.

My brother says his throat hurts so Mommy brought us to Grandma's house and then, before she ran off to some place she calls work, she went to the big Supermarket with the trains Logan loves so much. She got him lots of neat stuff like the America Pops and lollipops and medicine. Well Mommy left and it was just me, Logan and Grandma. Logan never finishes his pops and this time was no different. He said he was done and he handed Grandma what was left (which was most of it I think.)

Well my silly Grandma had me in her left arm. I was looking at the world - my head helded high and my feet pointing down to the floor I like to pretend I can stand on. I was wedged in nicely at the elbow, so Grandma put the America Pop in her left hand and used her right hand to help my normally half-monkey brother out the chair he was in.

Logan caught me before Grandma did. He was laughing so hard though I got a few extra licks in before Gram realized what was happening. That mean brother squealed on me once he could get the words out. "I think she likes it!" he said as he gasped for air. That's when I got caught. Grandma found me - a hand on the pop pulling it closer to my mouth which happened to be enjoying the cool icy yumminess on my gums. Grandma didn't think I should be having this heavenly treat so she took it away. For a lady that kisses a lot and loves us so much she can really be a party-pooper. I tried to tell her that I really wanted the America Pop, I mean after all Logan didn't want it and it was already open! I tried to say the words but all that came out was a very loud, very ear-piercing scream. I think she got the message though.

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