Only Mom. . .

Once again its become obvious to me how badly motherhood can warp your sense of humor and sanity. It takes what you once deemed totally unacceptable and just too gross to handle and turned you into an oblivious steel goddess - or at least someone so crazed that you're clueless.

Who else but a Mom (and ok maybe Dad) would find herself (and himself) all giggly and humored by a toddler reaching his hand between his legs while sitting on a potty as he says "I'm trying to pull my poop out." (He didn't use his hands for what its worth, but he did hold true to his promise and go another full-day in underwear using the toilet at each turn INCLUDING lunch out with Mom. By the way, only a Mom would want to repeat the story of her son yelling "Bye PeePee! I'm leaving you here!" as he walks out of public restroom.)

Who else but a mom wouldn't flinch as her infant rubs a runny nose on her shoulder (cold care of big brother's recent bout with germs) and flows up that snotty goo with a nice big spit-up. I'm a walking laundry pile and I honestly don't really care.

By the way, back to the potty, now that we seem to be at least at a starting point for this potty thing - how does one go about teaching a toddler to, ahh, wipe himself. ;) Our attempt tonight just put me in more giggles. I told him he had to sort of maneuver to lift up a buttock so he could reach -- and instead he gave me a nice high karate-chop style kick of his leg. Nice.

Only a Mom would want to take a pile of shredded paper glued with half-a-bottle of Elmers to blue paper on her wall and declare it the artistic zeith of interpreative snowmen.

Only a Mom would reach a hand into her back pockets to find a pile of compressed, used tissues (not her own) and casually toss them in the trash can, wash her hands, and then go about her day like she never touched something that icky.

Yup, only a mom...and maybe grandma

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