That's my girl!

Megan is offically 5 months old today; and today we learned that she's Momma's girl through and through. Sure, there have been clues. We (as well as her brother) have the same exact color hair. We have features so similar most folks look at her and says "She's the spitting image of you!" She smiles when I enter a room and she'll lunge to my arms if she's not in them. And today we learned that she's a shopper.

Yes, at only 5 months old, Miss Megan Rose has made it abundantly clear that she's going to turn every hair on Daddy's head gray by sharing her mother's enjoyment for a good shopping spree. (A hobby, by the way, I happened to get turned on to from *my* mother.)

The boys headed south for another trip to the lighthouse, so Meg and I headed to the Mall to pick up my ring. While we were there I headed over to The Children's Place. Its absolutely insane the way these stores introduce clothes. So many cute Spring outfts are already sold out in the various sizes I need because I waited to - ack! - February to consider buying them. Knowing this I decided to make Logan's Easter outfit a priority, a lucky thing considering I managed to buy the last pair of navy linen pants and the last cute little tie in his size!

While we were there I decided to peek at the little girl clothes. I mean really, its impossible NOT to look. And that's when Megan releaved her budding skills. I plopped a hat on her head and she laughed at me. She lurched forward and grabbed my face with both her hands as she squealed with glee. Then she leaned in with her mouth wide open so she could deposit one of her sloppy wet excuses for a baby's kiss on my face. I assumed that meant "Mommy, I love this hat!" and seeing how much she loved it, well what choice did I have. It got added to my pile. Then she saw the matching skirt and she lunched again. I swear to you - I do NOT make this up. She grabbed at the skirt. She pawed it. She refused to let it go. I pulled her size off the rack and she held it tight in both fists smiling her little great big happy smile. We bought the skirt too and a little lime green t-shirt and a cute little yellow zip up sweatshirt so she can wear the ensemble even now.

Granted I'm sure her adoration of her brand new cute skirt had more to do with the busy pattern of colors and flowers than anything else, but that's ok. Its a cute skirt for a little girl and so now its hers. Daddy should be glad I didn't get her all the other stuff she wanted: like this dress (that I almost did buy in the next size -- if only I knew what size she would need by summer!), and this dress (same size issue as the previous) and an array of PJs.

A girl after my own heart. Ahhh....

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