Its coming!

I don't know exactly when, but I do know that at some point between now and the end of May this ring will be on my right hand's ring finger. We bought it today from Zales (must give them credit for the photo!) and its now out to be sized.  Posted by Hello

I told Bruce I wanted a piece of jewlery that contained both a pearl (or pearls) and sapphire(s). Why you ask? Logan is a June-bug with a pearl birthstone. Megan's stone is sapphire. When we were expecting L, Bruce did a terribly romantic thing. He bought me a ruby and diamond heart-shaped pendant for my birthday (which is in late May.) Logan, you see, was due in July and therefore, the appropriate stone was ruby. I LOVE that pendant not just because I adore rubies, but because I love the meaning it holds. I love the sentiment. However, when Logan arrived a bit early, I started to tease Bruce that he owed me a pearl. When Meg arrived I also developed a lust for sapphire.

This combination isn't an easy thing to find unless you're looking to buy antique jewlery from the Victorian era. You can have pieces custom made for a nice price, sure. You can even get one of those Mother's rings. But I must be honest, I'm not a big fan of those. I thought I could forece myself to be - but no. The worst part, aside from the fact they look like class rings, is that the stone they use for June is some ugly dark yellow pee color. I want a June pearl.

I looked hard a few weeks ago - figuring if it was to be custom made we needed time. I had told B it'd make a nice Mother's Day and/or birthday gift. I hunted on my own knowing how much Bruce hates the insecurity jewlery shopping breeds in him. Besides, I had a picture in my head and I was determined to find "JUST" the right thing. And I did. First I found the necklace I had dreamed up - a pearl surrounded by sapphires in such a way it looked like a pretty blue daisy.

But necklaces and young children are tough. Necklaces get yanked. Chains break. Necklaces end up decorating jewlery boxes in the hopes that some day its safe to take them out again. Rings, though, rings can get worn. So I kept hunting. And I found it. I found this. This ring shown above. I found it on my lunch hour one day on a whim. I stopped in Zales and just asked - "Do you have ANYTHING with Pearls and Sapphires?"

"Why yes, in fact, we do!" the lady said as she pulled this ring from the case. I fell in love.

Then I slipped to nervous fear - fear they'd sell it before he bought it. I showed him picture on the web site. I pulled him into another Zales when we were out at the Mall. And then he said "Go ahead and buy it now." So we did.

When it comes home to live it'll go into hiding until its time to show up as a gift. I told him this year it'd be ok to give me a Valentine's present - something we don't normally do. It may wait and hide though until May, and that's ok. I know its there. I know we have it. I know I can't miss out on it. Its mine. I love it because it represents them.

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It's beautiful, Sandy.