an irritation

I won't delve into the details. I actually hesitate to write even this. But I will. There are things that happen in this world that are of utter, horrid, huge proportions of devestation. We all leap to our feet, open our wallets and do our monetary best to help.

In the interim there are daily struggles that we ignore.

Yesterday at a company event two seperate small groups either donated excess 'funds' from a planning budget or a proposed event plan (that would, if it evolved into something real, take place in May) that would also act as fundraiser. Each of these revolved around tsunami help.

That's great. Yes it is. Its wonderful. Tsunami victims face a very long road up the hill to recovery. Let's not forget them after the initial set of pictures and video cross our line of site. . .

Yet what about everything else? We're a tech company - What about donating something to a school system in a disadvantaged area? What about devoting our efforts to train welfare recipents in various technologies to help them develop new skills? What about so many great causes? Why is it only the truly awful, broadcasted stuff gets our focus?

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Moxie said...

This is exactly what happened after 9/11. People stopped giving money to other charities, so free meal programs stopped for old people, homeless people, people with AIDS, and little kids. Tons of other programs were struggling to hold on. I predict the same thing will happen because of tsunami relief. They need it, but so do other programs.