Shutter Bug

Logan got a camera for Christmas. Its just a simple, cheap, little, 35mm, blue plastic camera. He loves it. He uses it and he beams with pride at his ability to be on the other side of the camera demanding we yell "cheese!"

Well the boys took the camera on their "special walk" this weekend. They headed down to the Lighthouse for some hiking and climbing (or at least Daddy climbed stairs. Logan got carried.) Between them they took an entire roll of film. It was Logan's second roll of film ever and for a kid a mere 2 1/2 year olds he did remarkably well. At least I think so, but I do have a Mommy-bias.

Here's one of his photos:
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Tisha from Texas said...

The composition, the focus, the stark imagery - you should submit to a museum at ONCE!!
Okay, so maybe not. My kids take pics of grass, the dogs, and the carpet. Go figure. Anyway, come see my blog when you aren't in the middle of a photo shoot.