Baby loves to ChaCha

I believe Megan has hit that age where separation anxiety begins to set in. Logan went through some form of it himself - heck, it was nearly 2 years before he'd stay anywhere on his own without either parent or grandparent with him! This is different though. I don't remember this. I can't put her down. If I do manage to convince her its worth spending some time with some toy or other on the floor or the Pack-n-Play, I have to remain in her line of sight. The moment I move away she starts to cry. And then, if I leave the room! Well forget it. Hysterics.

Sometimes she cries a bit - like when I need to attend to the big brother or I need a bathroom break. Other times we find ways of dealing with this need of hers. The three of us play Candyland, for example. I just get to take two turns.

In the past, baby girl hasn't been a big fan of the front carrier. Today, out of desperation, I decided to try it again. Well the thing is aptly named "Kangaroo" and that's just grand since I feel like one every time I strap it on. I tangled myself in the straps, plopped Meg in, snapped all the buckles shut and crossed my fingers.

She was content.

We made bread, the three of us. Let me be the first to tell you that kneading two loaves with of sourdough bread an infant strapped to the front of you isn't nearly as hard as you may think! We put away laundry. We vacuumed. And somewhere along the way, one of us fell asleep. Sadly it wasn't me. Happily I was able to extricate Megan from the Kangaroo contraption and put her down somewhere not on me for about an hour's worth of napping.

The thing worked so well that I hooked her up again in the evening. Logan loved it. Luckily so did Megan. My shoulders? Not so much.

We played hide and seek. We played tag. We turned up the volume on the CD player and danced like fools to JoJo's Circus and Sam Cooke. We learned that the little girl LOVES to Cha Cha - or at least she loves when I Cha Cha and she goes along for the ride. She also loves when I dip forward, leaving her perpendicular to the floor. She gets her face close to her brother's that way and she laughs a big hearty baby laugh.

When the carrier is on, Logan refers to the two of us as Kanga and Roo. He's since decided that this makes him Piglet. And as much as it wears me down and puts aches where my shoulders used to be, I actually like it. I like that I can run and play again with my boy without waiting for naptime or a second pair of hands to come home. I like that I can dance in the living room. Pump up the sound system, strap the kid on, and get a work-out like no other. Baby LOVES to Cha Cha...and so do I.


thatgirl said...

I think I may have to learn to make sourdough bread ... which means I need to learn to knead.

Yay for the carrier!

Mandy said...

I wouldn't have made it through Liam's first year without my sling so I completely understand your story about the carrier! Glad to hear that you are able to dance and play again.

As for the kneading, Sandra, it couldn't be easier. I was so afraid of bread for so long. The worst thing that happens is you have a few learning batches.