He is SUCH a boy!

The whole "learn" to read effort slowed down around here when Megan reached that "I'm not content to just sit here and stare at you!" phase of life. The more interaction she requires, the less time we have to sit in one spot and sound out words. That said, Logan and I still do his various phonics games and books. We read a load and half of books a day - some just the two of us, some with the baby. He 'reads' when he's got all or part of a sentence memorized. He makes up his own stories when there's not a book before us.

All this means that he's starting to pick out words when he sees them in print. Now, for example, he can pick out Merry Christmas no matter where he sees it. He's been identifing his name in writing for ages now. He can sometimes pick out Mommy and Daddy. And thanks to Dr. Seuss, Logan knows the word Fish. (A favorite book being One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.)

Although he's been able to verbally spell his name for months on end now, he's not been able to type it out on his own without coaching. He struggles to get the letters in order. That said, he does have one word that he can read AND type all on his very own.

It happened by accident one day. My boss likes to have us all connected via Instant Messenger. We work through our days in constant contact this way. Well when I work this nifty decree also keeps me in constant contact with home. Logan likes to send me messages. It used to be just smiley faces. Then it was a stream of ad hoc letters. He'd try to type his name. He'd just continually punch his very favorite letter of the moment. And one day he hit a combo of letters that accidently spelled something. Well Grandma, not thinking, announced what he had done -- reading to him what he had typed and pointing to the combination of letters as she said it. He had laughed and then set to typing it again. This time on purpose. And he continues to do so everytime he's sitting on a lap sending IMs to either Mommy or Grandma.

What did he type? Well here's what I get on my office PC today:


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