Want some whine with that?

I had this nice whiney post all written up and then I tried to publish it. Blogger ate my homework. Talk about making me cranky. Here are some other things:

1. I'm tired yet I keep doing the same stupid thing - I stay up late and do dumb stuff like re-compose blog posts that the World Wide Web will likely just ingest again.

2. This chick from a Mom's Group I'm part of starting using our group as her own personal mailing list for her large list of various "buy this crap at a home party" businesses. She got warned once. We made a nice rule about not spamming the group. She got warned for doing it again. She got huffy and left. Or at least we can assume that's what it was about. Anyway, she's gone, sort of. Now she just sends us all her mail to our own personal emails and not the YahooGroup we usually communicate to the group through. Nice, eh? There's a reason I like the "SPAM" button.

3. The Male Selective Hearing disease sets-in early. My two year old is now battling it. It is totally not their fault. See I think the testosterone settles into their ear drums when its not off doing other manly things.

4. Why do grown adults in their 30s, 40s, and so on, think its great fun to drink so much on a corporate bar tab that they show up to work drunk the next day?

5. I am so darn sick of everything in my great outdoors being white, dirty white, or just plain old grey. I want Spring. I want it now.

My only solace is that Spring Training starts in just 14 days. I am giddy over this. GIDDY! Yeah, tulips and daffodils are wonderful. Red-breasted robins are just grand. But I live for those pinstripes warming up in Tampa. I can't wait to see Randy Johnson take the mound. I'm besides myself really!

That said, as painful as this is for me to say being a Giants fan and all, I really hope the Eagles win the SuperBowl because I'm not sure I can handle back-to-back New England wins with a historic Red Sox title squished between. Its just not right. Chaos will break out. People will go insane. I'm telling you - its not natural. Bad bad things will happen.

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