Yeah, what a help. . .

Tonight I'm staring at a computer screen combating writer's block. I've not got an assignment to write nor am I doing the work I should be for my marketing gig. I am simply writing the quarterly family newsletter I put together in what will eventually be an emailed PDF file. Yes, I keep a blog about both of my children - their milestones, the funny things they do and say, all that nice stuff. Fact is, however, I started the blogs as a way to keep far-flung relatives up to date and yet the only relatives that read them are the ones that see my children just shy of daily. The blogs still serve a purpose since they operate as 'baby book' since I'm not so very good at keeping those neat little written 'first steps, first food, first whatever' variety of memiors up to date. However, they do not serve *the* purpose they had been created for.

Far-flung family members, however, do read the aforementioned PDF variety of newsletter. So I gather tid-bits (many of which can be found in the blogs) and photos and I organize them into little stories written from my perspective or one of the children's.

As I perched myself before the PC, my dear husband walked in and watched my fingers type and delete, type and delete.

"You know what? You should put some stories about me and you in there too," he said as he slurps away on an icepop.

"What about us? Did you do something special I need to mention?" I teased him. "Or are you just jealous because Larry put bits and pieces about himself and your sister in the Christmas letter?"

"No, I mean, just stuff about like how Logan and I go to the lighthouse or things you guys do on your special days together," he said, still slurping. Then he walked away.

"I was planning on doing something about your lighthouse trip you know," I called after him. He muttered something in return, to which I responded "Yeah, I wanted to get Logan's pictures in so you're in by default."

About an hour later he came in to tell me he was headed down to bed. I was sitting and just staring at that point.

"Can you think of something else Logan says that doesn't need to be told in context of a whole story to make sense?" I asked him because I needed just one more quote to complete my "Loganisms" column.

"Nope" he said.

"Geez, what a help you are with this," I said smirking. "Your only contribution is asking to see your name in print."

"I'm interesting," he said and he turned leaving me here with my writer's block.

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