1. I never thought a toilet could make me so happy, but frankly, when its being used by a two and half year old meaning less diapers for me to change - the toilet makes me estatic. Although we still have the occasional accident, my little man (who bristles at hearing the world "little" in relation to himself. "I am a BIG boy!" he'll yell at me.) is a potty using champ.

2. To coincide with this 'big' kid status, he's also beginning to read. Its something he asked me to help him learn to do a few months ago and so we've been doing just that. He has just over a dozen words he can read regardless of where he sees them and then a few others that he can pick out throughout a few different books (or packages) that he sees often. Those words are on the brink of becoming ones he can read anytime, anywhere. He's so proud of himself each time he sees a letter combo and can tell us what it says. He announces what he's reading with a giant smile on his face. His eyes just glow with pride - and I'm sure mine do too.

3. Not nearly as impressive but I actually did finish reading my very own book. Now to just get myself in line to pick up another.

4. The baby has this funny trick she does. She plays on her side, rolls herself over onto her belly, acts all proud and content for a moment - and then she screams. What is remarkable about this trick is that she is fully and totally capable of getting from her stomach to her back because she has done it several times in the past. She *can* do it, she just would rather us do it for her.

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