10 Facts of my world

Fact #1
Somewhere along the way the notion of having to kiss diapers good-bye to be "big" got wedged into the boy's head. In the last several days he's gone from "I'm not using the potty until I'm 5" to "Give my old diapers to Megan because I'm a big boy now and I wear underwear." He's been mostly diaper free since Wednesday. He does wear a pull-up if we're out of the house for a while and over night. Although his 'performance' says he might even be ok without one as long as we're some public place with a bathroom. He's been in roughly six different places during that time span and he's taking a pit stop at each.

Fact #2
Growing up and moving to the great underwear phase of life apparently means ditching all that resembles 'babyhood.' Logan had fallen into the habit of taking the baby quilt his grandmother made him in the car. On Thursday when we headed out for his art class he handed (more like threw) his quilt over Megan (ignoring the fact she was already covered up by her own Grandma made quilt) and announced that he was giving her his quilt because its a baby quilt and he's no longer a baby because he uses the potty now.

Fact #3
Megan does indeed love ice pops. Logan had another after dinner tonight and the poor girl just spent her time staring at him and smacking her lips. We debated the merits of letting her have some...let's just say, she's a fan of orange. We'll be getting a pack of Pedialyte pops to keep in the house for the next "moster stuffy head" battle these two do. At least sucking down those pops will keep them both hydrated.

Fact #4
Not only does Megan like to ChaCha, she also likes to slow dance to Sam Cooke songs.

Fact #5
There's something strangely invigorating about buying a larger than you'd normally carry for just you purse with the plan of using it as part-diaper bag.

Fact #6
One shouldn't impulse buy aforementioned purse before triple checking whether or not the newly potty-fascinated boy is going to want to use a portable potty seat. Drat! Turns out he's ok on some...and turned off by others that are too 'big' for him. Stupid seat won't fit in my new fancy-pants bag.

Fact #7
IF you can't figure out where your child has picked up a word you'd wish he'd stop using so often - review your own vocabulary. Logan's newest joy in life is to call everything "stupid" just to push our buttons. Gee, wonder where he got that from?

Fact #8
Hearing Bear in the Big Blue House say the word "Potty" repeatedly is enough to make me giggle.

Fact #9
The Children's Book of the Month Club is dangerous because I buy to many damn books. I love books. I love Children's books. Luckily my children love them too. Both of them. Meg seems to be smitten by Miss Spider. She'll stare at those pictures for ages. And Logan, well he loves nearly anything.

Fact #10
As previously noted in a long ago entry - if you're seen in public with only one child, people will assume you only have one child. We stopped by the display Logan's future preschool had up at the Mall's something or other fair. They were at first quick to inform us that they didn't accept tot's Meg's age. Yes, we know.

Oh, where was Logan? He was off for his monthly sleepover with the Grands.

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