World of Chaos

There's an entire world of chaos out there and some of it has felt the need to impinge upon my personal space. It's not my chaos - not directly - but it does belong to people I love and so therefore it pinches at my nerves and tweaks my heart.

There is my uncle enveloped in the return of a health crisis. Its not my story to tell and so I won't, at least not here. He faces a decision that will impact the independence he's valued and clung too perhaps longer than he should have. Those around him helping him make this choice of direction are met with anger and misplaced blame. I find myself praying for patience in dealing with him just as much as I pray for him.

My brother-in-law, well, I'm not even sure how you classify his crisis. To call it a relationship in crisis just down plays what he's coping with so much it'd be an insult to use the term. He's staring at the gates of his own personal hell and he's struggling with the view. Again, not my story to tell and while I've shared it with many of my friends that are reading now, its not a story to just plop out there on a public website like this. . .so I won't. I pray for his ability to get through today into tomorrow and then through tomorrow into the next day.

Its difficult to be on the fringes of their lives like this - to see them tormented without being able to do much to soothe the soul. If you're the praying sort just take what you can from the cryptic stories above and pray for peace to come to these men. Thanks.

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Zee said...

Prayers headed your way, and theirs. (((hugs!)))