Welcome words

I think Mike Celizic said it best in his MSNBC column published on Tuesday:

Forget Groundhog's Day. Forget robins. Nothing heralds spring like "pitchers and catchers."

And so they do herald. Yesterday pitchers and catchers reported to the Yankee spring training complex in Tampa, Florida and yesterday we hit 60 degrees in my corner of the world. Today's afternoon rain drove away the remaining vestiges of snow. Sure, it's supposed to drop to freezing temps again this weekend and perhaps even dump more snow on our heads here. . . but that's ok now. Its ok because they've come to Tampa and the journey has started. Slowly but surely they're pulling on those pinstriped tight pants and slowly but surely the grey days of winter are being pushed aside for Spring.

In honor of the official pre-start to the 2005 baseball season, Logan got all decked out on his newest NY emblazon attire: Posted by Hello

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