That's what it says on Logan's calendar - Potty and a whole lot of exclaimation points.

He got a calendar for Christmas as a means to teach him the concept of days of the week, months, etc. We write his entire social schedule on it - days with Grandma, art class, playgroups, doctor appointments and Sunday School. This afternoon we used a bright green marker to write the word "POTTY" across the February 2nd box and then a Crayola marker/stamper that places a green exclamation point wherever you stamp it. Its a celebration of what we hope is our big turning point in potty training.

Logan spent all but one hour of errand-running time diaper free today. Instead he was clad in his fun underwear (Matchbox cars before the only accident of the day and Thomas after it.) There were times he'd ask to use the potty and times I would invite him to use it. He'd go happily with any invite that came near a time he had to go.

He's so incredibly proud of himself for this and he should be. Its such a huge step. When he had emerged from the newly done bathroom one time, still shaking bits of water from his freshly washed fingers, he smiled proudly at my praise then said "I'm a big boy now, Mommy. I'm going to go to preschool. No more diapers for me."

And a full day into his pledge, I do believe he means it.

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