Go ahead, laugh at the irony

Today was boy day. Dad and Logan took a trip to the lighthouse for their hike. That meant it was also girl's day. Megan and Mommy went shopping at the outlets about a half-hour Northwest of here. In the Carter's outlet - one of us patiently waiting on line, one of us not - I took Megan from her stroller to calm her incessant whines over, I'm assuming, how stinky long, slow, lines are. I held her facing me and she did her darndest to continue her shopping. She gazed at every baby girl outfit she could feast her eyes on. A women two shoppers ahead of us smiled and admired.

"How old is she?" she cooed at Megan.

"She's 3 and half months," I said and smiled my appreciation at her adoration of what is obviously the cutest baby girl around.

"Oh, she has such remarkably good head control for her age! Look at her moving that head around so well. Nice strong neck!" the lady said.

And I just smiled and thought - oh if you only knew how wonderful that is to hear.

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