Wry again

So my little one had gone a whole week or more with a perfect straight neck - holding her head up high...and now she tips again. I am concerned now because this is now a step backward and if we can't move forward by her next OT appointment we move into "real" treatments. It would start with actual Physical Therapy. If that didn't work she could have to wear a special harness for a time...and if that didn't work we're looking at surgery.

We're back to stretching her head and working on getting her to move herself around. I'm hopeful its only a minor setback because she will turn her head various ways and doesn't always fall back to the extremem right view (with left ear to left shoulder) or staring to the left...or tipped over to the left when upright.) I do hope this helps. I'm so frightened by the more 'serious' treatments if this or PT doesn't do it. My poor kid.

As a side note: please kindly over look all gross spelling and grammar-related errors. I am attempting to type this with a half-asleep infant on my shoulder. Yes the joys of mommyhood include taking "your" time with 15 or so pounds of infant laying across you.

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