Note to the con man

If you're going to send me a spam mail trying to weasel my bank account info from me in attempt to bleed me dry - please be smart enough to send it from a place I actually bank at AND to the email address I'd actually register with said bank.

Today in my work account I get one of those actually very offical looking, complete with logo and copyright line emails from a major banking institution. Said bank is theorically updating some system or files or something according to the email. It then goes on to implore me to PLEASE click the link and confirm my account info to make sure their records are correct. First of all, please tell me people don't fall for this crap. Second of all, the bank this is supposed to be from doesn't even have a branch near enough to me to make it worth my while to bank there. Third, I'd never register at a bank with my work email.

I mean really, you're trying to make a quick buck by stealing from idiots, at least do a little more homework than just stealing the logo off the bank's web site.


Zee said...

Geez... they'll try anything.

Moxie said...

I get 2 or 3 of these a day. I always feel sorry for the older or cllueless people who think it's serious and give their info.