Today's Toddler Logic

Does your neighborhood have those giant inflatable Christmas decorations scattered about? Mine does. My town seems to have this knack of gorging itself on the latest holiday house fad. A few years ago everyone that hung lights had those damn icicles. They were nice on the first few houses but after a bit I wanted to start strangling folks with them to make it all just stop. But I digress. . . Well first let me say that I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE decorated houses. I just like variety and the fad lovers take that from me. :)

So anyway, there are these giant inflated holiday sculptures all over the place now. Huge Santas, snowmen, Winnie the Pooh in hat and scarf, you get the picture. They each have this internal eery lighting that makes them glow at night and a small air compressor that jacks up your electric bill so you can boost a mini-Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on your lawn. There is one house near us that boosts a train - a steam engine named North Pole Express that has Santa hanging out its window waving. Logan is enamored with this train. Every day he asks to see it, yet its only up after dusk because the home owners only run the generator when the sun goes down. As a result, Logan tries to get out in the car (or even on a walk) after the sun goes down.

Tonight as we sat at the dinner table we talked about how if he finished up his dinner in something akin to "real time" Daddy would take him for a quick ride to see the lights, including the train.

"Trains not blowed up yet." he said.

"No, it wasn't up when Grandma and Papa brought you home was it. It wasn't dark then," I explained, "But I'm sure it'll be up when Daddy goes out with you."

"If it not up, I get out of car and I put my mouth and it and I blow it up!" Logan decided.

"Ummm, honey, that's a great idea, but I'm not sure even *you* have enough hot air to puff that up!" I teased him.

"Oh, I just take more wind in my mouth and then I blowed it up." he said.

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