Oh why!

She meant to be nice. It's a Christmas gift. Its meant to spread cheer. And it would. Heck it will. Lots of chocolate dipped cheer. . .right up until I get on the scale at Weight Watchers.

Today the UPS man brought a basket of high calorie delights from one of the vendors both Bruce and I work with at our repective companies. (She's the one we get all our promotional items festooned with corporate logo from - stuff like t-shirts, pens, mugs, backpacks, etc) We're talking chocolate and pistachio dipped graham crackers, pretzel bits dipped in white chocolate fudge and some brightly colored chocolate covered sunflower seeds - to which I scream "SUNFLOWER SEEDS COME DROWNING IN CHOCOLATE?! What has the world come to?!"

I almost did not open the celophane package but the sweet-toothed toddler by my side was pleading to see the present and truth be told, I wanted to know what it hid inside. Then he begged for "just one juicy" (also known as gummy bears) and so he had one handful. I'm really here typing about it to keep myself from lunging into the whole thing, leaving just one piece behind so I could at least say to Bruce "Oh, here, they sent a bag of popcorn." (Yup, a small bag of white chocolate covered popcorn!!)

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Mandy said...

ROFLMAO at your temptation. I only wish I had such a temptation and the fortitude to withstand it. IF that were delivered to my house, it would be GONE!