A slice of Christmas in our house

On Christmas Eve
Mommy - Logan, are you going to leave Santa something to eat?

Logan - Yup.

Mommy - What kind of cookies are you going to leave him?

Logan - One cookie.

Mommy - Just one? Why not a few cookies? He's got a long night of work, I bet he could use a good plate full.

Logan - Nope. Just one.

Mommy - Ok, how about one from you and one from Megan.

Logan - Nope, he just needs one.

As the children presenting the pageant at last night's Family Service filed in

Look! There Mary and Joseph. Come on Mommy! Let's go. I want to see the manager!

For the record, he was persuaded to remain in the pew with the promise of a visit up to the manager on the chancel after service was over.

During a prayer in the middle of the Christmas Eve Family service

Clearly deciding Pastor David had prayed long enough, Logan began softly and built to a crescendo so loud, even the praying minister must have heard it by the end:

God, Thank you, AMEN!

When walking around the Sunday School wing with Papa after leaving service 2/3rds of the way through and finding the lights off his Sunday School classroom

Its ok Papa. We find Miss Shannon, she turn the lights on for us.

At 6:30 am on Christmas morning
Logan certainly remembered the the last thing Mommy had said to him as she tucked him in on Christmas Eve -- He had to stay in bed until morning light because if he got out of bed before he might scare Santa away before he got to leave any presents. Or something like that anyway. At 5:30am we heard Logan mutter to himself and flop around in his bed. Again at 6am he saw it was still dark and he tried hard to sleep. At 6:30 am he slammed on his fish tank music. Mommy went in to his room and he lay there with his eyes closed.

Mommy - Logan honey, its ok. You can get up now. Its morning.

Logan (squeezing his eyes shut tight)- No! It not morning. It still dark!

Mommy - Honey, you're right, it is dark, but the sun is starting to come up now. Its ok. Santa was here and left already I think. You can get up. Just stay with me.

Logan with eyes flying wide open - Really? I get up now and get presents?!

Standing in the entry way to the sunroom, staring at the tree and the loot left behind

Wow look at all those presents! And they all for me!

Luckily he graciously accepted the clarification that only the packages to the right side of the tree were his.

Opening the box of new Thomas tracks Santa gave him

Wow! Just like I asked for! Its what I always wanted!

As he helped baby sister Megan sort through her stocking
And using his best "high-pitched" talking to baby voice:

Oh Megan! Its your first Christmas! Mine too!

When Mommy said to him "Logan silly, its not your first Christmas," he smiled and said "I know."

Upon summarizing his thoughts of Christmas morning at about 10am

Oh, this is my best Christmas ever!

As he settled down for the night, getting ready to start his bed time routine

Hmmm, maybe Santa come again tomorrow.

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