Merry Christmas to all

. . .and to all a good night. - Clement Clarke Moore

Santa Claus has left the building folks.

- Cookie left out mostly eaten and crumbs left upon the plate. CHECK!
- Carrot for reindeer properly disposed of. CHECK!
- Letter to child left in place of last minute letter to Santa. CHECK!
- Presents for all scattered beneath the tree. CHECK!
- Stockings stuffed and hung on doors of sleeping children. CHECK!
- Thomas tracks set up with new-to-Logan items incorporated. CHECK! (And as a note, "Mrs. Claus" has decided she must play Thomas and Friends more often when the boy is asleep. I like laying out those tracks!)
- Bows atop aforementioned handed-down Thomas items. CHECK!
- Letter explaining that Santa borrowed Logan's tracks to play and left behind his favorite pieces as a thank you. CHECK!
- Coffee pot set with auto timer. CHECK!
- Camera in place where even Daddy can find it in the morning. CHECK!
- Tree lights left up higher than gifts so Daddy can plug them in in the wee morning hours. CHECK!
- Half-asleep Mommy Elf ready to stumble down to bed.....CHECK!

May whatever holiday you celebrate, however you choose to do so, bring you much peace, love and joy.

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