Oh look! Another gray. "Pluck!"

Miss Thing's head is now on straight. . .again. It remains to be seen how long this phenomon lasts since we had the excitment of a non-tippy baby for a week previously. She still has this uncanny ability to twist her head farther to the right than I had thought humanly possible. However, when she's sitting up supported around the hips or being held upright the head is straight between her shoulders.

As an aside - I did some googling on "Wry Neck" to see if I could find anything on why the condition would correct itself only to reappear. I just skimmed because I searched way too close to my bedtime to actually read. What I did find was a whole lot of articles on Wry Necked Rabbits. Hmmm, perhaps a vet would be more useful than that no-personality, cardboard cut out of a specialist we saw.

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Mandy said...

I am so glad to hear that her neck is better again. Is it the kind of thing that will kind of come and go for a while potentially?

As for googling, I came up with the same thing (veternary resources primarily) when looking up Liam's Legg Calves Perthes Disease. It is the people version of Hip Dispasia. Joy.

Our children should have more empathy with animals than they know! LOL