A quick update on bedtime Houdini

I was replying to a comment in my tirade about Logan's antics last night and figured I should post the rest of the story here as well:

Tonight was a non-issue. He and I had a long talk. He also had a long talk with Grandma. And he had no nap. All these things helped for at least tonight - although I'm sure last night wasn't the last time he decided to make a game out of not staying in bed.

He got up this morning and found his four trains high on a shelf. He asked why they were up there - I reminded him that they were in a time-out and why. Then he cried. I made a deal with him - if he behaved for the next hour and promised to listen tonight he could have them back. Normally not something I'd do but since I was leaving for the day and Grandma would need to deal with the tantrum I figured I'd be nice to her - especially since she'd be house bound in the crap weather.

When he went to bed tonight I simply said - "Here's the deal. I will leave the door open a little bit now, but if you get out of bed I'm putting you back in and then closing the door all the way which is how it stays no matter how much you complain." And he said "I stay in bed. I promise." Which, an hour and half later, he's done exactly that. We'll see what happens each night from here out. Last night wasn't the first time he pulled that little trick - just the worst time. He does it then he doesn't. I do think there is a connection between naps and his disappearing act. So bye bye naps for now at least.

When Grandma asked him earlier today, "Why did you keep getting of bed last night?"

He said "I wanted Mommy. I get out to get Mommy."

Grandma - Logan, that's not good. Mommy isn't happy when you do that.

Logan - No, she get mad. I get in trouble. I wanted Mommy. I call her but Daddy come.

Grandma - What did Daddy say?

Logan - Daddy said stay in bed.

Grandma - Well Daddy was right.

Logan - I just want my Mommy time.

Grandma - Ok, but next time ask for it before bed time. Mommy works hard taking care of you and Megan all day long. She's tired and needs her sleep too.

Logan - I fun.

He also told Bruce tonight that he wanted Mommy to give him his bath yesterday but Daddy came and he was sad but didn't want Daddy feel bad. Sometimes its heartbreaking having a kid that can clearly communicate and show early signs of budding empathy. ugh.

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