Why it's home

I grew up at the shore. As a "local" I developed a general apathy to the beach during the summer months. Too crowded. Too hot. Not enough room to enjoy the space with all those bodies stuffed into swimsuits too small for them. The week after Labor Day through the week before Memorial Day became "my" beach time. It didn't need to be warm enough to go in the Atlantic - just comfortable enough to run and dig and laugh as I breathed in deep to let the salty sea air fill my lungs.

As a mother, I don't feel much differently. We head over a few times during the summer to take the kids on the rides at one of the boardwalks. We drive into the beach at the state park to let them fill up buckets of watery sand as the waves roll in. But for the most part, we still tend to be "off-season" beach goers.

And maybe a glimpse of what it's like will help you understand why:

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Mrs Aginoth said...

I agree with you whole heartedly. We also live close to the beach, but rarely go in the summer.

As a child I couldn't imagine anything better than living at the beach, but I don't think my kids think it's all that great.

We love going in the off season tho.