We interrupt this blog to bring you....kids

Tonight is Logan's Novemeber sleep-over with my parents. He loves these Friday's. Every ounce of adult attention is focused completely on him. He gets to pick dinner. He gets to do a "project" of some sort with his grandfather. He sleeps in the great big queen bed with the fluffy pillows with his grandmother. He gets to lie in that bed on Saturday morning watching a few cartoons before lazily making his way to breakfast.

It also means that this is our 'just Meg' time. She seems to enjoy it. There is no competition for our attention. She can plop herself on any lap she choices with a book in hand or she can raid Logan's toy bin without looking over her shoulder. Both are truly fantastic things in the life of a little girl.

These Fridays also give me a moment or two to catch up on my thoughts. Somehow caring for one small imp is incredibly easy after chasing down two on a regular basis. Being short a child gives me at least a minute or two to think and breathe. And as I do, I'm reminded that I've fallen behind in documenting a few cute or even mile-stoney things in my children's invidiual blogs.

I've been very conscious about making sure I get a ton of photos of Megan at every stage so she has a stack of pictures as high as Logan's. I've been trying to make sure we note somewhere when she first walked, what she first said, how she liked to be tickled under her arms and down her sides. The only area we've fallen into the "forgotten 2nd child" trap is video. Our camera needs to be replaced. The only way I can tape anything is if I can plug the camera in. This means Logan's first two years span two DVDs. Megan? I think she's lucky if she's on a complete tape --shared with Logan -- at this point.

But at least I have the first Friday night of the month and at least I have blogs. I can easily jot a few notes about how she asks us "How day?" without being prompted by a better spoken individual near her asking her or another "So? How's your day?" I can track in her little space on the web how she has her favorite board book memorized - turning the page and announcing "Row, row, bow" when she locates her favorite "Row, row, row your boat." I can jot down how Logan started making up nicknames for us - I'm Mommy-doodle and no, it has nothing to do with the Doodle bops. I can make a note now how at 3 he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.

And maybe someday I'll remember to print out all the pages in both their cyber-baby-books so they can read them at their leisure when the mood strikes them.

Until then I'll try to figure out how to make the video camera work better and how to find time to get my zillion photos into a pseudo-scrapbook and how to find time to finish the memory quilts I started. Somehow documenting their young lives for them seemed like a grand idea before I had to help guide them through those lives!


Blond Girl said...

Just the fact that you're aware that you need to make "equal opportunity media" gets you ahead of most. I was the last of 4 - and 6 years later than the other three. I think I have exactly 2 baby pictures of me and one was donated by my grandmother!

You're doing great, mom!

Carmi said...

Blond Girl is absolutely right: what a caring and empathetic Mom you are.

Here from Michele's tonight. You always manage to make me smile.