Mars and Venus - the preschool years

Out of almost no where, Logan said softly, "I think A is mad at me."

I looked at him and rubbed his little red head. The little girl he was talking about is in his class and one of two kids he's attached himself to. I asked him why he thought she was mad.

"I told her she was my girlfriend and she said she wasn't." He sniffed a little.

"Sweetheart," I said before I remembered we weren't to call him that anymore. "What if you just say she's your friend?" I resist the urge to say "You're three, kid, no girlfriends yet."

That wasn't good enough for him, had to be girlfriend. I asked him what did he think 'girlfriend' meant.

"Well," he said slowly. "She's a girl and she's my friend, so she's a girlfriend."

"Ok, but couldn't you just tell her she's your friend and leave it at that?" I asked him.

"But she's a girl," said my little Mars.


Aginoth said...

Kids come out with some of the most illogical logic at times, great isn't it.

Michelle sent me

Jamie said...

Hee. So sweet. It's perfectly logical, though, isn't it? And so so cute. I can't wait to have my own kid to spoil.

Came here from Michele.