No show for me!

So big bossman finally made a partial decision on who has to/gets to go to this show in two weeks. Basically it's this. My sort-of-kinda-but-not-really boss is going down on Tuesday but must leave on Wednesday. *IF* I want to I can go down Wednesday afternoon and stay through Thursday to take her place. But, I don't have to.

And since going means I miss my friend I've not seen in ages and it means my kids miss a birthday lunch with their good pal and since it means Grandma misses a meeting with her new boss for the part-time freelance work she's picked up...I'm not going.

In other late afternoon stories - I had some work to do on this show. The co-worker that was inputting registration information for the folks that are going was having trouble locating the right registration page. I helped her and offered to do half her list for her while we worked through the first form together. I get paid for the hours I put in so the stuff like this is worth it for the extra cash. Logan was getting worked up. He wanted to play a game. He wanted my attention. I let him up on my lap.

I pulled up my next registration form. "Logan, here, you type what I tell you." I started to feed him letters. He filled out three of the four forms I had volunteered to take on.

When we were done, I said foolishly "You know what happens when you work, don't you?"

"You get paid!" he screeched with glee. I asked him what his rate was.

"I get $20," he said. Geez, that kid makes more per hour than I do. I offered him a quarter.

"How about a quarter and a penny," he bargained.

The office is still IM'ing me. The other person doing the registrations can't confirm they were processed. I may do them later. Logan has come to the office/playroom/porch door and is yelling at me.

"MOM! Clifford is on, so you should come to watch and I need my money! Don't forget to pay me."


rashbre said...

Not bad that he bargained a 4% uplift after his first task!

Hi, Michele sent me.


Yaeli said...

Gee, you'd better watch out!!! Next he's going to want to take you to the union!!! Kids say the funniest things!
Michele sent me.

dak-ind said...

heheh, i loved it when my number 1 son was young like that. now my number two son is up and coming, and i look forward to hearing the wonderfully weird things they think of to say!

Faira said...

you will remember the time spent with your son, bargaining for pay, much more than the missed show in years to come. you will be glad you made the choice you did!

Plumkrazzee said...

Here from Michele's...what a good mommy!

Marisa said...

Hi Sandy. Here for the first time from Michele's.

So, is Logan taking on clients? I love his bargaining skills!