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The recent 24 hour meme Blonde Girl did and That Girl's postings on particular years/ages got my brain moving. I fell asleep the other night trying to identify at least one particular 'big' moment or at least coherent memory from each year of my life. It was actually easier than I had expected it to be - for the most part anyway. And in a way, it was rather gratifying. Taking the time to really plot out big moments in what starts to feel like a mudane existance forces you to see that even ordinary can be extraordinary. Shall I bore you some?

May 23, 1973 - Birth. Now really, can there be a bigger event in one's life?

1974 - I don't recall much obviously, but surely it was a year peppered with milestone achievement.

1975 - I got a dog for my birthday. For a small puppy, Heidi could knock little me over. When I bought my first pet as an adult, I pinned all my expectations of dog ownship on the border collie I grew up with.

1976 - I remember living in a duplex. We lived on the left side of the mustard yellow edifice. My friend Tayna lived on the right. I'd walk over to her side to play and rush home to see Casper the Friendly Ghost on our color TV - even though it was a black and white cartoon. Go figure.

1977 - I became a big sister. I actually have very clear memories of climbing into my brother's playpen to hang-out with him. I remember the joints of my big toes getting cut up by the mesh I was scaling.

1978 - I turned 5 that May. We moved from our little duplex about 10-15 miles "up the road" to the house my parents live in now. I started Kindergarden that September. I rode on the school bus next to a little girl that wore navy blue lace-up shoes. I wore black patent leather Mary Janes. We never spoke.

1979 - Blue shoes and I were in the same 1st grade class. Alphabetical seating put our desks smack dab next to each other. We didn't want to face another year of silence. She's been my best friend ever since.

1980 - I met another very dear friend of mine. We were in Brownies together. Wave to her now, she's reading my blog.

1981 - My third grade teacher stunk. Seriously. That class%2

Ok, so this was completely done through present year when i went to bed last night. Then the I was looking through my blog roll and noticed a word or two I had mis-typed in my sleepless state last night. I went to fix it and boom, the 1-year old on my lap hit the space bar. Poof goes my entire post. Ok, I'll attempt to recover my post via bloggers 'recover post' option...it works. But only on half my post.

Sometimes it's not fun being me. I'll repost the balance later. Right now I'm being paged to play.

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How interesting.

I will try to do that with my own life soon.

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I have added you to my list.