Rudy called. . .

It's election season again. That means everyone with an itching to see their name on the ballot is advertising. I find myself longing for Election Day just to see the ads stop. Their predictibilty begins to bore me.

What humors me, however, are the phone calls. The pre-recorded messages that struggle to sound personable. The phone rings, you answer. Slight delay. The sound of dead air. Then the voice. The pitch. And before it can be over on their terms, my click. Hang up.

Moments ago it was Rudy. As in Guliani. I think he's a pretty neat person. I'd love to sit and chat with him one day - baseball, politics, life in general. But this wasn't that chat. I even entertained myself by pretending a bit "Oh, hi Rudy! So nice of you to call. Oh yes, yes, your friend Doug. Sure, ok. Well thanks." Click. I left Rudy talking.

I wonder if they have a way to record what people say back to them. Do they know we chatted? Rudy and I? Do they know when I hung up on him that it was nothing personal?


ribbiticus said...

oh wow! they actually do that there? good thing it hasn't caught on here yet. don't think it will either. filipinos want the more personal approach, i.e. we actually prefer candidates to come and do the rounds of our villages and provinces so that we can get an idea of his/her sincerity. doesn't really help much when we see them in person coz they more or less say the same thing. but at least, we make them work for our votes. :)

michele sent me today.

Star said...

Hi. Michele sent me. I hate those annoying phone calls too. But I love your cyber baby book idea.

Carmi said...

I can't believe that people still think that auto-dialers actually work. I can't imagine anyone actually picking up the phone, happily listening to such tripe, then going out and voting for the bozo who initiated the process.

It says a lot about how stupid the population has become - or how stupid the politicos THINK we have become.

Sigh. They call it democracy.

Dropped in from Michele's. Thanks for visiting my site this morning.

Melessa said...

Oh yes. Here in Oklahoma, Barry Switzer and Toby Keith once 'called' me to endorse their candidate, which pretty much made up my mind to vote for the other guy. I hate those calls.