So bummed

I have not had to attend a trade show or otherwise travel for business in over 4 years. FOUR. YEARS. Today my sort-of-kinda-maybe-one-day-if-they-go-on-and-promote-her-boss-but-for-now-just-a-peer wants me at the event we're exhibiting at the end of this month. She asked me again today if I could do it. I checked with Bruce's travel schedule. He has another overseas trip that week, but he leaves on Saturday. I'd be home by Thursday. I checked with my mom to see if she could watch the kids during the days when I was gone. She could. No out. Ok, fine. I'll go. Great!

Tonight I flip on my PC. I pull up my email. First message waiting for me in my inbox is from my best friend - as in the one I've known for the last 27 years. She moved to New England about 4 years ago. She has a beautiful 2 year old daughter I've never met. She hasn't seen my three year old since he was 8 weeks old. She's never met my 1 year old. This wasn't a total surprise. We maintain our friendship via email. Long, long written correspondence sent off when we have a moment to sit and think. I had sent off mail last and so seeing a reply from her in the inbox wasn't a shock.

She shared a lot of family news. Replied to some of the items I had shared with her. And then she told me about how her family would be in my area and had some free time. We could actually get together in person. Really, seriously get to spend time together and let our kids play. I was so excited! And then I read the date.

December 1st.

December 1st being the last day of my trade show. The day I must work a show floor from 10 to 4pm and then breakdown the booth, pack it all up and drive the 5+ hour drive home.

It's the only day she has. She's only down here for a quick overnight. They leave for home around 5pm that day.

I am so bummed.


Shannon said...

here from micheles!
Sorry about your botched visit... I have a friend like that, alwys trying to catch up...never seems to happen though

Tyra said...

Man, that is a bummer. Maybe your friend will get to spend an extra day or something.

Thanks for visiting my blog.