When you thought it'd never happen. . .

Well certainly I didn't *really* think we'd be investing in baby dentures - at least not in my sane moments. It just became a joke amongst the family.

Megan is never getting teeth. She will grow big and strong and toothless. She will gum her meat like her GranderNanny (aka my grandmother).
Only now she has gotten a chopper.

Megan's first tooth started to poke through yesterday, a week exactly before her 9 month 'birthday'. I felt the tip of it when I picked her up after work. When she actually smiled for me wide without sticking her tongue out over her gums to spite me I saw it. I saw the tip and the faint white line of the rest of the tooth hiding beneath the small bit of gum that was left.

Today the top edge is in completely.

One tooth down.

So many left to go.

At least now we know she *is* chewing & drooling to grow teeth and not just to confuse already confused adults.


Mandy said...

1 down...a few to go. She is on her way to chewing food, though!

Cath said...

Betcha any money they all come at once now. I know my sons did!

Sarah said...

Yay! Finally! My boys just seem to get teeth in mulitples. Zane, at 8 1/2 months now has 6 (two lower, four upper) with at least 2 more incisors working their way in!