Later I will look back and laugh. . .

I was around the corner from the house last night. It was 6:30 pm. I had just picked up the kids after a day of work in the office. I was going to come in the front door. Get them ready for bed after a half hour of play and then hit the gym.

But my cell rang. Bossman and the most high-maintenance sales gal out of an entire team of high maintenance sales folk were in a meltdown. The shipment of our trade show stuffs was not where it should be at the convention center. Two of us - me here and another in the mid-west - set about to find the missing goods.

And find them we did.

We had signed confirmation that something had been delivered to us at the convention center, see. So the thought was that our boxes were misplaced somewhere on the show floor. But no.

The carrier put had left them on their shipping dock and brought us someone else's stuff. They quickly rushed us our items - nearly 3 hours after the mad search had begun for them.

There's another box missing. This one was shipped to the hotel. We had tracking numbers on that one that indicated a signature at delivery. Called this carrier - a national, big time, carrier for b2b and consumer shipping. They missorted.

Our box didn't go to the hotel we're at. It went several doors down the block to another hotel.

Can it get better? still waiting to locate to other packages that were to arrive this am. No word yet if they're missing or on time.

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