Things I'd say if the pounding stopped

Today I have the world's worst sinus headache. At least I think its a sinus headache. Maybe its horomonal. Maybe its lack of quality sleep. Maybe its stress. I don't actually care, I just know it hurts and nothing makes it go away. Its not a migrane; its just a headache. A rotten, dull, thudding headache. And sometimes my face hurts in the places where my sinuses exist.

But if I didn't have a rotten stinking headache I'd write all about the fantastic weekend we had taking Mr. Boy to see his all-time most favorite thing in the world - Thomas the Tank Engine. I'd write about how the wonder and awe were just written on his little face each time we'd see a new train at the museum or get up close to the real-deal at the Railroad station the day of the "Day out With Thomas" event we had tickets for. I'd write about how aboslutely in love he is with camping now and how he's asked us often since our return if we could PLEASE pitch our tent and camp again. . . even if just in the backyard.

I'm not writing all that though 'cause the pressure above and next to my nose is too much to think in coherent sentences long enough to write all that.

If my head wasn't thudding, I'd write about how I finally broke down and stopped in at the kiosk in the Mall where they sell phones and contracts with the company we've had our cell phones with forever and a day. I'd tell you that I finally entered the new era of flip-phones because they finally had one with a rebate offer that made the phone $10. I don't use a cell often enough to make the money worth spending on such a thing otherwise. I'd tell you how much fun I had playing with my new toy tonight and how I'm wondering if I'll remember all the assigned speed dial numbers tomorrow.

I'm not writing that because I fear with the soft push of pressure against my ear drums there is no I'll possibly remember all the things I set up tonight so why bother mentioning it.

I'd write to say that the boxes all finally showed up at the trade show last week and the speech went well enough that bossman got kudos from strangers. I'm not writing all that though because my eyes are starting to feel puffy and itchy.

I'd write to say that I hate pollen and I hate humidity and I hate having a cold at the same time pollen counts are high and I'm sure I'm going to end up at the doctor with a dx of 'sinus infection' sometime soon. . .but I'd rather not think of all that, so I won't write about it.

I'd write to say how much fun it is to have an intern in your charge. How cool it is to be able to hand over some of those things on your to do list that never seem to have time to get done. I'd write to say how cute she was giving me her cell number in case I ever needed her for something when she wasn't in. Silly girl. She needs to learn that some people will take advantage of that. Never give out a number you don't want called repeatedly at all hours of the day and night - trust me. I'd write about who called me on work related stuff at 10pm Tuesday night but its still too irritating to be funny so I won't.

I could write about the little 2.5 year old in my local mom's group that was just diagnosed with cancer - but it makes me cry to think of it so I won't. I'll just say pray for her and her family.

I'd write to say my uncle is now losing sight in his right eye and strength in his right side, but its not the sort of "uplifting and light" post I was going for in an attempt to distract me from my headache.

I'd write about much it can irk me when one of my 5 college roommates harps on the fact that the other 4 of us don't go to reunion with her. The only year she forgave me for missing it was the year I got married and reunion fell during my honeymoon. I'd write how another of the 5 hardly ever speaks to me ever since I bailed out of her wedding party because I was surprised with a pregnancy I didn't think would ever happen and the baby (Logan) was due just 12 days after her wedding date and when all was said and done, I was in the hospital being induced the day she walked down the aisle. But, there is a reason her last name is literally "Shallow". I'd write about how neat it is that the roommate I am closest with now was the one that I was most likely to want to beat the crap out of then.

I'd write about a lot of stuff, but my head hurts so instead I'm going to bed.

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