First Love

Its been well documented on these (and other)cyber pages how much my son loves Thomas the tank engine. A lesser known fact is how smitten he is with Fisher Price's Rescue Heros. Those not familiar with the product here's the highlights - its a line of action figures for the preschool+ set that are based on "real life positive" role models. The various characters are police, firefighters, medics, vets, and so on. They're all about rescuing people.

Now personally I think there are two things going on with these RH folk. a) They are on some serious steroids. I mean people really, LOOK at these toys! b)Some group of adults had a blast naming these folk. The name for the big firefighter? Billy Blazes. Police officer? Jake Justice. Astronaut? Take your pick there are two -- C.D. Moon and Roger Houston. I'm telling you, those names alone are enough to get me to buy into Logan's habit just so I can keep giggling.

Logan will play *with* his array of toys and make up stories in the process. However, the Rescue Heros have become the one thing he will actually assume the identity of as he runs around 'rescuing' us. Last week, every time he got it in his head to scale a piece of furniture he'd admonish me when I called out "Logan, be careful."

"I'm NOT Logan!" he'd yell annoyed that I didn't already know better. "I am Cliff Climber!"

And I'd have to say without laughing, "Ok, then fine, Cliff Climber, watch yourself."

For his birthday we got him one of the DVDs that contain about 6 episodes of a Rescue Heros cartoon that aired once upon a time. He's been hooked. Every time he's allowed TV since he got the DVD on Saturday he's asking to watch it. And since watching it he's changed his Rescue Hero persona because frankly, the boy is in love.

His target?

Wendy Waters -- She's the red-headed firefighters in the lower left corner of the picture. (If you're curious the other two are "Jack Hammer" and "Billy Blazes." Yup, I know. Its hysterical when you're overtired.)

Using Wendy as his inspiration, my child is now to be referred to (per his request) as Logan Waters, Rescue Hero.

We watched the Rescue Heros Movie this afternoon at Grandma's house (another bday gift). Grandma said to him "Oh, so you like Wendy Waters?"

He blushed and nodded as he grinned. "She's got red hair," he said.

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