Made it

We're working under the assumption that the other two packages arrived in the hands of bossman without issue. We had confirmation from the carrier that the boxes were indeed in the correct hotel. It was just a matter of getting bossman down to the right spot to retrieve them. He didn't call anyone yelling or demanding so we can assume he located what he needed to.

We can also assume he finally got the missing box of CDs and cables that went to the wrong hotel the first time. As it turns out the driver of the big brown truck realized his mistake after he had scanned it in and had it signed for at the wrong place. He took it back but didn't note it anywhere in their system. We worked with the idea, for a bit, that he had indeed brought it to the right place. But no, the guy has only half-a-brain. He was riding around in his truck with it and didn't get it to the right space until 10:30 am the following day. You'd think they could work on a little customer service. "Hmmm, this says it was shipped for next-day am delivery. They probably can't wait a whole day. We messed up in getting it missorted, perhaps I ought to drop it off Tuesday instead of waiting the full extra day until someone reminds me I have it and I get it there late."

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