Aren't they all

Logan is determined NOT to be referred to as "little boy." If someone should unknowingly utter the phrase he takes great offense and immediately berates the offender with a shrieked "I AM NOT A LITTLE BOY! I am a big boy!" So today's declaration took me a bit by surprise. As we drove to art class today Logan said sweetly from the backseat:

"I am a little big boy."

And I said, "Huh?" Even the phrase "little man" is enough to get him going so this self-dubbed little big thing caught me off guard.

"I'm a big boy but I can't reach up high without a stool so I'm little," he explained.

Ok, so that made sense.

This, however, is not nearly as endearing as yesterday's declaration that he's a "man-boy."

Its a concept he shared with Grandma and I again today as we walked in to one of his favorite stores - Target.

"I'm a man-boy!" he said in response to something we had asked him.

Grandma nodded and said almost absent mindly, "Man-boy? Hmm, yes, aren't they all."

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Mandy said...

Too funny. Liam doesn't care one way or the other yet. LOL