done for now

And so *my* speech outline is done for now. It took me a lot longer than it should with all the email reading, blog catching-up, blog writing, IM'ing and whatnot that I was doing as a means to distract myself from the feeling of sinking beneath the muck and mire of not knowing what the hell I was writing about. The joys of being a PR maven*

While I learned a lot about the topic at hand, I also discovered that a current thread on a email group was raising a handful of questions for a friend and me. Perhaps there is someone out there in blogworld that can help us solve the mystery:

1. What exactly is baby dust?
2. (see above) Can those struggling to conceive a child reverse their misfortune if they stop cleaning? Could a dust rag be removing all traces of some magical pixie like aid?
3. In the same vein, what is a "baby vibe(s)"?
4. Is it really possible that years of fertility woes could be wiped away by one good HSG and a lot of the aforementioned dusty vibes?
5. Does email etiquette require the receiver of well-wishes and prayers to individually reply to each and every one or does one big blanket "Thanks I appreciate" it cover you?

* I prefer PR Maven to Flack. By the way, thanks to Sandra for pointing out exactly how Public Relations-esque this task was. And here I was just going to label it bossman laziness....er preoccupation with more important things.



Can't wait to see the answers to this!!!!! I could just stop cleaning right now!!!!!! LMAO

Mandy said...

So you are saying that if I stop cleaning my TTC woes will disappear in a vibe?