Want traffic?

Who but a crazy, attention starved web addict would say yes to that? I mean normally I'm not into traffic - I like my driving unimpeded by other people who slow me down. But when it comes to a blog, its sort of neat to know that your ramblings don't always exist in a vaccum.

If your online ego needs stroking, check out this traffic building tool:

Blog Explosion

No personal input on whether or not it works yet as I just surfed over there myself, but hey.


Mandy said...

Sandy, how did you find that? Too funny!

Crystal said...

Oh it works but it also is addictive and sucks you into a huge time vacuummm...also fun! Glad I found your blog

cleolove said...

Totally addictive, indeed. See my Favorites post "Blog Surfing from Inside My Head"

Welcome aboard the BE junkett.

Theresa said...

That's how i found you! :)

Zee said...

BE is how you found me! Thanks for posting, because it gave me a chance to visit your blog. It's excellent! Now among my reading list. :o)