The Christmas Story According to Logan

Sure it early, but why not settle yourself into a comfy position and listen closely to the Christmas Story:

Once upon a time the Mailcarrier left a book of joy in our mailbox. This book, also known as the Fisher Price Holiday Catalog, fascinated young Mr. Logan Daniel. He flipped through pages, made a list and checked it twice. On the back page he found a Little People Nativity and he gleefully requested it make an appearance in his toy collection.

"But Logan," said his Mommy patiently, "you already have that toy."

Logan said "I no have it. I want it."

And Mommy smiled back at him. "Logan come here, let me show you." She opened up the old blanket chest now working as a toy box and she dug beneath stuffed dogs and behind plastic trucks until she found a small plastic stable, squat little people, a handful of barn animals, one small angel and a tiny baby wrapped in swaddling clothes molded into a manager.

"See, here it is," she said, somewhat wishing she could say "See, I told you so!"

Well despite the fact that it was only November 5th, young Mr. Logan decided to put out his Little People Nativity for display - and why not, the same day Santa Claus showed up at the mall on a fire engine and now sits in his big plush chair amongst fake snow, teenage elves and a big old train at Centercourt.

"Mommy, what's this called?" he asked as he held up the stable. So Mommy told him its name and then added "See, that's where Baby Jesus was born."

"No," said Logan with complete sincerity. "Babies no born in stable. This Baby Jesus hob-it-bull." (also know as hospital because after all that's where baby sister Megan came from...its where all babies come from.)

"Ummm, well, ok Logan, but its really a stable...a barn."

"No," he said "Its a hobitbull barn." Then he held up a wiseman and asked "Who that?"

"That's one of the three kings that came to visit Baby Jesus," explained his Mommy.

"No Mommy! That silly. That not a king. That a queen," said Logan

"Well, ok, but its really a king or a wiseman." said Mommy. "Why do you think its a queen?"

"She wear a dress!" said Logan as if Mommy should know this. He held out the squat figure in his hand to prove his point.

"That's a robe Logan. When Baby Jesus was born long, long ago men didn't wear pants, they all wore robes."

"No," said Logan, "She's a queen. She bring Baby Jesus milk," he added as he pointed to the gold colored vessel in the figure's hand.

Satisfied he had won the debate, he turned back to his "Baby Jesus set" as he referred to the entire scene. He placed the golden haired angel on the top of the "hospital" and pressed down - an action that starts the music playing and lights up the star on the front facade of the little building.

"Ohhh," said Logan as if he finally got it all. He pointed to the glowing star and said, "That Baby Jesus nightlight."

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