I am a snob

I admit it.

I am a snob.

I am.

Its simple really. I hate Walmart. It makes me feel dirty. I go in that place every now and then after listening to the umpteenth person tell me what a great place it is and I leave there feeling like I need to find one of those emergency "wash the nasty chemicals off you" showers.

I'm sure its a terrific place if you're looking for home supplies or other "how can you screw it up" products. I'm sure its got great prices on brand name toys or other brand name products. I just can't get past the first few 'departments' to really look hard enough at that stuff to know.

Today I went in looking for little girl outfits. My women's group at the church is sponsoring a family for Christmas. The gals in my group were raving about the deals they could get at Walmart on kids clothes. "The way kids grow! Geez, I buy all my son's outfits there!" one woman bragged. Great prices. Good clothes. Why not?

I pass a Walmart on my way into the office. It opens at 7am and so I went to look for one outfit and a toy for a little girl. First, let me say this - you can find nicer clothes cheaper at other places. The first outfit I picked up looked to me like its be dust rags after the first washing. The second outfit just looked beyond tacky. I found something finally that was decent and tossed in my cart. I decided maybe the baby clothes would be more promising. Nope. In the small (and I do mean small) department I found only three outfits in Meggie's size. Cute enough on the outside....rough and uncomfy feeling to the hand on the inside. No way.

I finally just left the store. My little girl outfit still in the cart left in some miscellaneous aisle. Instead I will use my lunch hour to search out great deals at Target. See, Target I love. Target I adore. I buy my kid's clothes at Target...and well the Children's Place because they sell sweaters that don't fall apart when you wash them...and Old Navy because their kid clothes are just so darn cute. Oh, and the Carter's outlet because I really do adore their clothes. But, I digress. Target I love. Target has a way of making me spend 3x the money I intended to spend when I walked in the door. Target is dangerous.

And, if you're keeping track (which I'm sure you're not), I may also buy my little girl outfit at the cheesey kid's clothes store NEXT to the Target up here. They have whole outfits for $7. Cute outfits at that! My cheapest option at Walmart was $17.

Yes, I know.






Mandy said...

I hate Walmart with a passion so imagine my dismay that it is the ONLY store of its kind here. Well, okay, there is a Kmart, but I hate Kmart more if that is possible.

Instead of exploring other options they are getting ready to start building a Super Walmart so there will be double the Walmart.

I am in Target withdrawal (and there are things I hate about target as well, but at least it is CLEAN).

Impossible Jane said...

Don't feel like a snob...I hate Wal Mart too. I can't believe that people think the shit they sell is good. The last time I bought something at Wal-Mart (underwear, about ten years ago) they fell apart after the first washing. Target is SO much better. Plus I like that Target gives Wal-Mart competition.

Happy Target shopping!