Pet Peeve Redux

Mandy recently wrote a list of some of her pet peeves and invited folks to join in. (Its fun, really head over and give it a whirl!) Well today I have one more to add and instead of just whining in her comment fields, I figured I'd whine here.

So here's my newest peeve. Idiots at work that make mistakes and then use the word "we" to describe WHO made the error. As in "Oh, I just looked at the invite/agenda again and we misspelled this guy's name." Ummm, no. WE did not because ME merely used the spelling THEE provided ME in the original email listing speaker content for the invite. (Yes I know, not grammatically correct but I'm ticked and I'm on a nice little rhyming kick. This is what happens when your child wants to learn to read and you find yourself immersed in books like the Cat in the Hat Wants to Cook. "Look, Look, a Book. The Cat has a Cookbook.")

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Mandy said...

Can I add a pet peeve here?

How hard is it to open the dish washer and put the dirty glass in it? IF you are going to put the glass on the counter right on top of the dishwasher, how hard is it??????????

Can you tell that i am not in domestic bliss this week?