Oh Please

As the red-headed mother to two red-headed children I have but one thing to say to this article recently appearing on CNN's website: Give me a break.

Says the article:
Redheads face challenges from the sun as well as society, according to some Redheads Society members. Easily spotted in crowds and classrooms, redheads are sometimes the objects of "carrot top" jokes and other teasing.

"You get some attention and hopefully you learn to use it for the better," co-founder Rosenthal said. "For one thing, I think it's one of the reasons a lot of redheads develop a good [and often somewhat sarcastic] sense of humor."

Whine, whine, whine, whine. Someone want to tell Mr. Rosenthal that if he got to college with the worst teasing being the nickname carrot top he was lucky.

Having grown-up a strawberry blonde I can honestly say that I have never ever felt 'discriminated' against by my hair color as implied by these kids and the Princeton professor writing her red-headed book. In fact I've always loved my hair color because it was different. I have sat in countless salons getting a trim next to women that point to my mane and say to their stylist, "That's it! Make my hair THAT color."

And for the record, not all redheads burn at the thought of the sun. I personally get nice and pink the first day I spent time outside for a prolonged period. The pink fades back to pale, pasty white by the time I get to bed that night and then the next exposure I tan nicely - that is, of course, back when I was into tanning. Now we're all so slathered up in suntan lotion I'm lucky I get rosy pink cheeks by days end. I have no idea what my kids would do as Logan has never been out in the sun for long without heavy amounts of thick white high SPF sunblock on his tender tot skin.

Geez, I clicked to this article link thinking it was something fun and interesting. Instead I find something that could be fun but seems somewhat 'woe is me.' I do hope my red-headed children don't grow up looking to blame all their ills on their locks.

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