Say it Ain't So. . .

This week I have seen at least FOUR houses within say five blocks or less of my house with Christmas lights not only up, but on. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS PEOPLE!!! A week prior to Thanksgiving.

There's a gal in my local mom's group bragging that all her decorations are up already.

What the hell?

Can someone tell me when Thanksgiving became nothing more than a speed bump between Halloween and Christmas?


Jeffery said...

Surfed in through Blog Explosion and I thought I would say hi!

Bradley said...

Hallmark started doing some major profit sharing in 2003, so they had to do something to up the amount of money that was being made. Hence, you start Christmas earlier (because who can say no to Christmas) and there's more time for people to shop and spend money.

-Brad "I blame just about everything on Hallmark or Hollywood"

Mandy said...

It is amazing to me how early it all starts now. I am not "old" by any stretch of the imagination (29) and I can vividly remember a time when the Christmas season officially kicked off the day after Thanksgiving.

I think that the lack of distinction is what I miss most. Each holiday had its own identity and now they are all side by side with nothing "special" about them.

Ah well, I guess making it all special is our job as parents now!