Question of the Day

Why is it the most mundane of statements or the simplest of questions can reduce me to giggles when they fall out of the mouth of my two and half year old?

Tonight while the baby was still protesting her removal from the bathtub (I think the child would lay peacefully in the bottom of that basin all night if we let her!) young Mr. Logan located me in the kitchen. I was bobbing and swaying hoping the motion would soothe Megan into peace. Logan, still slightly dripping from his bath and naked as can be, stared at us for a moment and then said:

"Cuse me Mommy. Are you available to read?"

"Ummm. . ." I said, fighting back my giggles. Available to read? tee hee! "Well, if Daddy can take Megan I am."

Logan smiled back in response and said "Great!" Then he ran to his Dad and declared "Daddy take Megan, Mommy gotta read me. Let's go Mommy!"


Cath said...

OMG how cute is that! Sounds like you have awsome kids!

Mandy said...

That is so very grown up! WOW!