The Fun is Over

I go back to work in a week from tomorrow. Not that I haven't been working, actually, but I've not worked in the office since mid-August when the OB agreed standing on my feet for 12 hours at a trade show the following day wasn't the best use of my then 8 months pregnant body. Instead I worked from home and as such have taken just a single week off from doing anything money earning.

For those new to the game here, I am technically self-employed. I quit my day job after my son was born 2.5 years ago and returned as a contracted consultant working two days a week in the office of my now "client." Any projects that require more time than those two days allow I get to do from home. Occasionally I pick up work for other clients or some freelance writing work.

Just prior to starting my leave that never was I had ranted on this blog about the job. I had started to think of alternatives and yet here I am 8 days away from going back to it. I have looked a bit around & I have found nothing yet that meets my needs - scratch that - that meets my wants.

Instead I have spoken with my immediate boss who basically says he doesn't want to loose me to another place and is now looking for ways to increase my work load through more at home hours on various projects. He wants to keep me happy and employed there. I'm coming up with various options to go over with him - all of which would make me happy. SO we'll see.

As I pondered all this though, I got to thinking about bosses in general. It was a walk down memory lane that had me laughing again over the worst boss I ever had and then missing the two best bosses I ever had - the ones that helped me grow professoinally in ways I can't ever repay them for.

I'll share those stories at another time, right now my big boss (the baby) is yelling for me to get to work so I must wrap this up. Share a story in the comments field about your best/worst boss ever.

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