Yes, I'm aware it's still September

Some say I'm a bit pathetic. Others say I'm practical. Either way, the truth is simple. I have started my Christmas shopping.

Really it is my mother's fault. For as long as I can remember, my mother was never one to partake in the panic and rush of the season. Presents were bought and wrapped by Black Friday. Christmas cards signed, addressed and ready to be sent by December 1st. Not always sent on December 1st, but ready.

Her approach makes sense to me and so I've modeled my own adult habits on it. I always have some shopping to do in December. A few last minute gifts that suddenly seem "must have" status and whatever items we decide to pick up for the various giving trees at our offices and church. The bulk of my list, however, is checked off and done before we sit down for turkey in November. I find it easier to relax and enjoy the season when I'm not crazed trying to run through and prepare for it.

I haven't, however, actually started *this* early before. Typically I'm shopping around the time the kids are trick-or-treating. However, I'm a girl that can't pass up a good sale. The giraffe is having a some good sales in honor of his birthday. So Shop I must. And shop I did.

Let's just say Santa is nearly done with his list and now Mom has to pick up a few items to round out the tree. Its going to be a good relaxing December for me.




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mary said...

Hello, Michele sent me. :)
I'm SO jealous of your early shopping. I always say I'm going to do it, but then life gets all lifey and I just end up doing the same old scramble all through December. Secretly, I think I thrive on the rush under pressure and shopping early would somehow rob me of that stress. Gosh, the sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

Pretty blog design you have. I recognize the miz graphics layout because I used one to make a blog for a friend of mine but hers was the pink version.

Nice meeting you.