Well she is a firecracker. . .

I am taking a breather from birthday party preparations. Tomorrow is Megan's 1st birthday party. She's got the whole girlie girl pink "1" theme featuring a red headed little fairy princess. Her cake is a castle. It was intended to be a pleasant shade of pink castle with purple roof tops and deeper pink windows and trim.

I should not be trusted with gel food coloring and frosting. I put in a tad too much of the "rose" colored dye for the main section of the castle cake: Megan now has a hot pink castle for her first ever birthday cake. I suppose its only fitting. The brightly colored cake will match her bigger than her size exhuberance for life!

Yes, yes, yes. I took a photo. I even took one of the cake I finished next to the picture of the cake I was sort-of-kind-of aiming for. The photo is a bit paler than I had thought I'd do, but its a hell of a lot closer than where I ended up!

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