As promised, sort of

Well the photo of Megan all decked out in her boa-best with the pig tails didn't quite come out. I wasn't sure it would. We were in our sun room and the resulting photo has more light in some sections than in others - placing her face in a giant dark shawdow. Bummer.

However, I can share this photo of Meg in pigtails:

As well as this boa-decked and sunglass holding Megan. This photo is the one that will be added to the hallway gallery of annual kid pictures. She actually can/will put those glasses on properly. But sometimes, as you can see, she'd rather chew on them.

There is a whole lot more where those came from. ;)If you're a glutton for punishment drop a comment with your email and I'll send you the link if I like you. ;)


Alyssa said...

Oooh, please like me! :o) Seriously, Meg is such a cutie! I love her pigtails.

Cath said...

Wow, she looks adorable!

The bottom picture is fabulous, she looks so thoughtful!

yorkshirecath2004@yahoo.co.uk for more pics please :D