Why I love them. . .

Daddy stayed home today to bring Logan to preschool. The four of us went over together because Logan decreed it a family experience. We were getting ready to leave and I attempted to pry Megan from the Dora books in the corner.

"Go tell Logan good-bye!" I urged her. She toddled over to where Logan was busy playing with a few trucks. She patted his head a few times and smiled at us. Mrs S and Mrs R both said, "Awe, how cute."

Then Megan giggled. She leaned over her brother who was seriously ignoring her attempts at cuteness. She grabbed hold of his head in both arms and bear hugged it. She kissed him and said "Bye-bye brabah!"

And then she ran back to the table covered in a Dora table cloth.

Mrs S commented on Megan's farewell and said to Logan, "Wow, you must be the very best big brother for your sister to want to hug you like that!"

And Logan said "Yup, I am."


Alyssa said...

That is SO gorgeous! *sigh* If my little one is even half as cute as your kids, I'll be one happy mama. :o)

Zee said...

Wonderful! Best time of our lives, eh? :o)

Cath said...

That is the sweetest thing!!